As I am deeply immersed in writing The Kingdom of Good Eating, and as I adore my subjects, Walt Disney and Disneyland, I have to wonder, speculate really, what Walt would think of his beloved park sixty years later:

LOVE: Smart Phones, how easily guests can take photos, make videos, and share with the world via social media.
HATE: Smart Phones, the light from people texting on dark rides (not to mention the distraction), and the noise from not silencing them.

LOVE: ADA and procedures to make every attraction accessible.
HATE: The fakers. That includes grandpa using his knee replacement surgery as an excuse to get cuts for his spoiled grandkids. Rest up until you're better, buddy, then wait in line like everyone else. Criminy - Walt waited in line!

LOVE: The tradition of the Flag Retreat at Town Square. The ultimate patriotic experience at Disneyland. Veterans honored daily. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
HATE: Any discussion of ending the ritual. Budget schmudget. Some things are priceless.

LOVE: The Walt Disney Company's acquisition of Marvel and Star Wars.
HATE: Star Wars Land in Disneyland. He would have found a way to buy property and put in DCA.

LOVE: The addition of 1,100 feet of railroad track and the trestles along the Rivers of America.
HATE: The Disneyland and Santa Fe Railroad closed for two years because of Stars Wars Land construction.

LOVE: Annual passports.
HATE: Annual passports.

LOVE: Soarin' Over California -  It would absolutely blow his mind!
HATE: Nothin' but lovin'.

LOVE: Cars Land and the total immersion in an animated film. The oft repeated reaction of a little boy on Cars Land Opening Day says it all, "Mommy is this where they filmed Cars?"
HATE: Nothing to hate here. Move along.