Chef D and Me
While doing research for, SNACKS: Adventures in Food, Aisle by Aisle, I attended several Food Enthusiast courses at the Culinary Institute of America.
The skill development class was taught by the affable Chef D, John DeShetler, who has been a professor at the Hyde Park campus for over thirty years.
I knew we were going to be a match when he opened our first lecture with a crack about cooking vegetables:
"Listen, I get the to each his own thing, but for me, undercooked vegetables are nothing more than hot crudite."
Now that's funny. It may be somewhat of an inside, foodie-centric joke, but it spoke volumes to me about why I was at the CIA. There are standards in professional kitchens and while I may not always practice them at home, I wanted to learn about them and share them in my book.
Everything from when to use a lid when cooking your veggies to the hidden treasures in kiwi fruit and chicken.
There are fifteen aisles of tales, tips, technique and trivia.
C'mon, have a Snack!