Last week I was one of the local "celebrities" who spent a few hours bagging groceries for Safeway's breast cancer awareness campaign and the Susan G. Komen Foundation.
Let me just say - you can learn a lot about people standing at the end of the check out counter!
Most likely to bring their own bags? Birkenstock
boomers for sure, but also older women.
Paper or plastic? Most people don't seem to care.
Grumps? Plenty of them! I understand wanting to get in and out of the market however I don't understand the inability to be polite to worker bees. Some folks were downright rude. Surely they haven't uttered the magic word in years. A pox on them.
Who wins the Polite Peeps Award? Teenage boys. Hands down. Made me want to call their mothers and congratulate them.
Moms on a budget were the chattiest. Uber-organized, they took advantage of coupons and on-line offers and gloated at their steeply discounted cash register total.
Single men, or those alone, purchased the most prepared foods.
And old couples? Endearing. Courteous and always respectful to the checker. They prefer their bags lightly packed. I think they like their cocktails, too, based on the gin and vodka in their carts.