It's the first full week of school. As much as I love my breakfast, that means no more leisurely mornings baking veggie frittatas or lingering over coffee and the paper.
I wake up hungry. Perhaps it's because I don't eat many starchy carbs with staying power, but I am famished within one hour of hitting the snooze button for the last time.
I thought I had it all together last night - lunches packed, notebooks organized and clothes laid out, yet we barely made it out the door this morning.
I am not a good hungry person. As soon as the kids were on the curb, I was plotting where I could find a fast and healthy breakfast.
I passed Denny's, McDonald's and Burger King. Then I heard that all too familiar ding. Not the dinner, er, breakfast bell; the ding that tells me I am nearly out of gas.
I repeat I am not a good hungry person. I get very grumpy very fast. The detour to fill up my gas tank and not my tummy tank was making me grumpier by the minute.
I pulled in next to the pump and noticed a Subway was inside the station. Bingo baby!
I've heard about their FreshBuzz breakfast sandwiches with 4 grams of fat for around 250 calories. I ordered egg whites with Black Forest ham on the light wheat English muffin and skipped the cheese. I added tomato, onion, spinach and green pepper. For good measure, I removed the top bun.

I figure I reduced the calories to around 150 plus I had some serious crunch factor going on.
I rate this an 8 out of 10. Seriously folks, great bang and flavor for a few bucks.
I'm asked all the time how I lost my weight and how I keep it off.
It's the commitment to finding an option like this and not caving into the first morsel I could wrap my mouth around.
Please don't call me Holier Than Thou, call me dedicated, and whatever you do, don't call me late for breakfast.