After years of being a parent to a teenage son and daughter, I am now a mother to an eighteen month old Golden Retriever/Golden Labrador cross.
I adopted her from Canine Companions for Independence, an amazing non-profit that provides highly-trained assistance dogs for children and adults with disabilities.
She was released from the program because of fearful behavior, which seems to have ebbed now that we are home together as a family.
Having a new dog in the house isn't much different than having a new baby. There are way too many gadgets and toys. Schedules and routines are paramount. Deciding what to feed is a magilla!
Lucy was raised on a strict diet of a leading national vet-approved brand, but as I was perusing the dog food aisle today, I kept reaching for the meat and vegetable blends. The ones that have two textures, one crunchy and one moist and meaty. In other words, I was choosing food for my dog based on what I like to eat.
I giggled to myself as I replaced the monochromatic brown nuggets with the multi-colored ones. Who cares if she's color blind?
Variety is the spice of my epicurean life and it will be with Lucy, too.