"You fat lazy pig."
"Why did you eat that?"
"What a loser quitting after only five miles."
I hear these comments ten times a day and I am sick of them.
They've gotta stop.
It would be easier if I could turn to someone - a husband, a sister or a friend, and scream "shut up!"
But they're not the culprits.
It's me and my self-loathing mind.
This is another one of those posts that is deeply personal and difficult to write.
I work hard to maintain my weight and fitness, yet I haven't conquered my inner critical voice.
It creeps in so easily and I buy into it surprisingly quickly. Arrrghhhh!
Until a few days ago...
I passed a display of an old fashioned switchboard, the kind where the operator plugs cords in and pulls them out to connect calls, and it came to me.
My mind is like that switchboard.
I am in command of what I plug into my universe.
Now, when the shame inducing bitch lectures me, I visualize yanking the wire out and disconnecting her negativity.