You probably don't want to go nighty night with your romaine, but you may want to consider using a pillow case to ensure perfectly crisp lettuce every time.
My grandmother Germy was persnickety about her lettuce. Back in the day there were no pre-washed or pre-packaged salad mixes; I doubt that she would have used them anyway.
She took great pride in meticulously rinsing each leaf and air drying them on paper towels.
Then she would gently, and I mean gently because you don't want to bruise the lettuce, place the leaves in a pillowcase. It has to be one hundred percent cotton because polyester absorbs water and that will lead to a soggy salad.

Lastly, Germy would carefully fold the top of the pillowcase and put the lettuce in the refrigerator to rest for several hours.

When creating a spectacular salad, this technique is just the tip of
the iceberg.
Bad puns aside, you're gonna seriously thank me when you bite into your crisp and crunchy lettuces of love.