Just like you de-fat your stock, you can de-fat your body. I am living proof. In the past three years I went from 26.8% body fat to less than 18%.
The first question all women ask me is if I gave up wine. Are you kidding me? No.
The second question is how I did it.
It's the dreaded "D" word. It's not diet, deprivation or determination...
It is discipline.
Discipline to skim calories off everyday, much like you skim the congealed fat from the top of your stock.
I skim by eliminating one hundred calories at a time. I make choices like passing on the cheese, the tablespoon of mayo or the top slice of bread every day.
I skim by shaving the hours I spend watching television and using the time to exercise instead.
I skim by cutting the protein on my plate in half and replacing it with veggies.
I began my current lifestyle in 2006, but it all started back at UCLA. By the time I was a sophomore I was anorexic. My weight plummeted from 152 pounds to 98 pounds in six months.
When I gained the weight back my senior year I tried bulimia on for size. My weight was "managed" by taking an obscene amounts of Correctol every day.
Over the years I have tried diets and magic pills, complete apathy, girdles and baggy clothes. Nothing was permanent until I made the commitment to myself. I can't really tell you what that seminal moment was three years ago, however once I pulled the proverbial trigger, I've never looked back, only forward.
I am sharing this because I really do think that de-fatting your body is like de-fatting stock. It's a process of skimming off the layers to create something beautiful and clear - the new you.