My son Bo ordered a steak sandwich to go at the airport yesterday.
The check arrived and I noticed that we were charged $15.00 for the catch of the day.
When our server Sara returned, I pointed out that we didn't order fish.
"I asked the chef and that's just the way we bill for the steak sandwich. Doesn't make sense I know."
No. Doesn't make sense.
"The menu says $14.00 for the steak sandwich. We've been overcharged a dollar," I continued.
"Hmmm.... The computer system is complicated here," Sara chirped back.
Yes. Complicated.
When the bag arrived I checked our order. It wasn't a steak sandwich it was a steak salad.
I summoned Sara for the last time. "Excuse me. We ordered a sandwich. This is a salad."
"Sometimes the steak special is a salad," she replied cheerfully.
At this point I start looking for the hidden cameras.
I capitulated and left her a generous 20% tip. I figured she can't afford to lose her day job.