Oxymoron of the Day: Healthy Fast Food

I am a fitness funster. The game of eating healthfully, especially with a hectic schedule rife with travel, is a sport in and of itself.
I reduced my body fat from 26.8% to less than 18% with the dreaded D word:
Not diet. Not deprivation. Not determination.
Discipline to exercise and discipline to make mostly good food choices.
I often find myself famished in the morning after a long run or workout. When I cannot get home to eat, I head to Carl's Jr.
Carl's Jr. you ask? Yep, for the fresh salsa bar.
I order a breakfast burrito. No meat. No cheese. No butter on the tortilla. I add three servings of fresh salsa. The eggs are high in protein and all those tomatoes, onions and peppers are excellent antioxidants.
My second choice is McDonald's. Stunning to hear that from me, I know, but Matt Goulding, the author of "Eat This Not That" was a guest on Food Guy and Marcy and he rocked my world. One of the very best choices for a fast food breakfast that is low in fat and calories is the Egg McMuffin. At 300 calories it is a tasty bargain. I take it a little bit further and ask that no butter be put on the muffin. I have to wait a tad longer, however I know it's never seen the food lamp. To save even more calories, I take the top half of the muffin and throw it away.
Here's A confession. I go topless with fast food.
It always says "No shirt no service" on the doors of these establishments and I have nothing to fear. It's not my clothes I am talking about; it's the top of my fast food sandwiches. Just like my Egg McMuffin, I go topless with Subway. I order the turkey on whole wheat or nine grain. They always build the sandwiches with meat down first, so it is easy to remove the top layer of bun and not get messy. I also skip the cheese. That saves 100 calories. While mustard only is the obvious choice, I can't resist mayo and ask for the low fat version. Lots of veggies and extra spinach make it an excellent on-the-run lunch.
As a confirmed foodie, I am always looking for ways to save calories without sacrificing flavor.
Losing the top bun, cheese or pat of butter saves 100 calories at a time. Easy and effective.