The husband asks his wife where she wants to go for her birthday.
She answers, "I don't care, as long as it is expensive."
So he took her to the airport for a sandwich.
Rim shot.
I’m at the Oakland airport awaiting my flight to Los Angeles. Two freakin' scrambled eggs and a cup of old fruit most likely tainted with salmonella because it was so slimy, was ten bucks.
Airport dining, for both taste and budget, can be a challenge.
Fast food is rarely an option for me, except Subway, which is fairly ubiquitous in terminals, but prepare for sticker shock. Three meal deals recently cost over thirty dollars and forget the five dollar footlongs. I do like CPK, but they don’t have their signature chopped salad available and I can’t figure out why. For me the BBQ chopped they do offer is just not the same. I like the original with its salty genoa and the crunch of the scallions and the tangy cheese and always the garbanzos. Thankfully there’s always Mexican food to be found. A taco or two is generally a fair value and if there is a salsa bar, it’s a no brainer – I can’t think of a better flavor booster.
If you’re looking for good eats in airports across the country, there’s no need to trek up and down the concourse. Check out this site chock full o' tips: