Lance Armstrong

My pal Bret left the following message today, "Do you want to meet Lance Armstrong? Would you mind hosting dinner at your house?"
Scout's honor. This really happened. And it wasn't a practical joke.
Lance is in Santa Rosa with his Astana team training for the Amgen Tour of California. We haven't synchronized our watches yet, and it may not happen, but I am already semi-paralyzed concocting the menu. What do I cook? His body fat hovers at around five percent. Do I prepare a clean and lean meal? Or do I help replenish the estimated 6,500 calories he burns a day on his bike? Tough call. Logic tells me that at the end of the day, the guy has gotta be starving. Grilled fish may not do the trick. On the other hand, beef bourguignon and mashed potatoes is a gorgeous winter meal, but is it too heavy?
These are the ponderables I am struggling with tonight.
One thing for sure, If I serve chicken, it needs to be steroid free.