Email and Edibles

Dearest Marlena,
I still have a high-calorie hangover from the Superbowl. Home tonight. A beautiful piece of wild salmon and moi. I need to have serious veggies and I am considering a salade nicoise. Should I use the the prized Ortiz Ventresca tuna, caught by hand with rods, that we were gifted at the Fancy Food show?
Or should I defy my pal Marlena and make a salad nicoise with salmon instead and humor myself that it still counts? Tough call but I prepare my greens with a simple vinaigrette and place the grilled salmon on top.
Green beans. Check.
Steamed potatoes. Check.
Hard boiled egg. Check.
Good olives (with pit in them). Check.
Authentic salade nicoise? Perhaps not. Deliciouso nonetheless.
My Ortiz Ventresca tuna, one of fifty thousand cans in the world, is still safe in my pantry.

Dear Marcy,
I, as a self-proclaimed salade nicoise expert, after careful consideration
and thought, hereby grant Marcy Smothers, a dispensation (is that the
right word, it's 3 am and I'm just not sure) to prepare salade nicoise with
grilled salmon, or grilled tuna, instead of the traditional canned tuna or
anchovies; my consideration of this rested with the fact that following
the spirit of a thing is always more important than following the
And she loves her salade so very much. That is the most important of all.
And she DOES use olives with the pit. the spirit of the salade is safe
with her!

On April 5th, Marcy and Marlena will dish about salade nicoise on the Food Guy & Marcy Show.

Marlena's Roving Feast column all about salade nicoise (7/23/08) , including a fab recipe, can be found in the San Francisco Chronicle at